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Premium Cedar Horse Bedding

Ozark Hardwood Products is pleased to introduce a NEW product …Horse Bedding made of premium, 100% natural cedar pellets. Pellets have much less dust than shavings which is better for your horse’s respiratory health and will save you valuable time with stall clean-up! You will save money, too, since you simply pick the waste and leave more bedding for the horse. As an added bonus, the cedar in the pellets will repel flies and unwanted pests. Try our new horse bedding pellets today and discover even more benefits.

How to Use OHP Horse Bedding in Stalls

  • Clean stall of ALL old bedding.
  • Use 5-6 bags of horse bedding pellets for a 12’ x 12’ stall. For thicker bedding, use 7-8 bags. (Do not mix with other types of bedding.)
  • Rake and spread evenly throughout the stall.
  • Lightly mist with water from a hose to activate and “fluff” pellets.
  • Sift and remove manure once or twice daily.
  • Mix urine-soaked areas with dry bedding. Remove saturated areas ONLY.
  • To keep stalls fresh, place one new bag in stall weekly. Follow instructions above.

NOTE: when you lightly mist the pellets, use 1-2 gallons of water. Too much water may affect the bedding. Also, horses may try a “taste test” of the bedding pellets. They will not like the taste, and most likely, will not try it again!

ATTN: Horse owners - Let us know how you (and your horse) like our new, premium cedar bedding. We look forward to hearing how you enjoy less dust, easier clean up, the savings on bedding, and the fewer amount of flies in the stalls due to our natural cedar pellets.

We want to hear how you like our product and value your input. Please email us at s.jacobs@ozarkhardwoodproducts.com.

Call Us Today 417-935-WOOD (9663)



Why Use Cedar Bedding?
100% All-Wood Pellets - No Additives or Chemicals
Much Less Dust - Reduces Respiratory Illnesses in Horses
Natural Cedar Repels Flies & Pests
Reduces Bedding Costs – Longer Lasting
Absorbs 3x its Weight – Unlike Shavings Which Float on Top of Urine
Easy, Fast Waste Removal
“Fluffs” When Moistened
Space-saving 40 lb. Bag
Proudly made in the USA


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