Today's farmers are feeling a severe squeeze on their profit margins. The cost of propane has never been higher, and the market is not rising fast enough to keep pace with the rising feed and fuel costs.

A major cost component in agricultural op-erations today is the cost of heat. We offer a practical, cost effective and reliable alternative to propane fuel which will reduce costs in the farmer's business operations.

Our Green Heat System is the answer

  • Wood pellet fuel costs much less than pro-pane and corn fuel
  • Wood pellets burn clean, leaving little ash and no clinkers
  • Feed prices for poultry and livestock are not impacted by wood pellet fuel
  • Both our Green Heat System and wood pellet fuel are made locally in Missouri
  • Our Green Heat System installs quickly, is easy to maintain and will greatly reduce your heating bills

Green Heat Facts

  • Every Green Heat unit is a combination fuel storage and wood pellet fueled air heating system.
  • Each Green Heat unit is shipped fully assembled.
  • Wood Pellets are delivered in bulk by truck directly from OHP, the wood pellet manufacturer.
  • The wood pellet fuel is conveyed from the storage compartment into a custom-designed wood pellet furnace system.
  • Upon delivery, our Green Heat System is operational. Simply connect the electrical service and duct connections to the building.
  • The wood pellet furnace is mounted inside a walk-in, weather-proof housing, with plenty of service space.
  • A Green Heat unit is designed to be set next to the building it will serve. We recommend setting it directly on a level, well drained, graveled area. A concrete slab is not required.